🤔 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The idea is to answer questions (truthfully) and earn tokens for that. The data is used from different sources who ask these questions for a variety of reasons and are willing to pay for that. This is why it is important that you answer these questions truthfully. This is controlled by asking questions rephrased again so sooner or later it will catch liers (usually rather fast) and stops to pay out to them. To increase your chance for payouts make sure you are not blocking any scripts through adblock or noscript.
It can have multiple issues when a offerwall or survey does not get credited. Usually the offerwall will notice you yourself if they have any issues. Another reason can be your adblocker, noscript or other browser extensions that block scripts. If you have this issue with multiple offerwalls and survey tools please contact us so we can look into it.

hCaptcha is a unique Captcha platform where Captcha inputs train AI models to detect pictures. For each solved captcha we get a tiny reward which is paid forward to you in form of Tokens. We hope to increase the Reward in the future but for now, this is the best we can guarantee to get. You are allowed to solve unlimited captchas until further notice. There are no limits in place how many Tokens you can earn with hCaptcha work.

However if you have a low detection rate your account will be blocked from solving further captchas and some tokens may be recharged. So do not abuse this system.